Interim Egyptian President Sworn In as Former Leadership Rounded Up

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Interim President Adly Mansour

The day after a military coup ousted Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi, Egyptian forces have begun arresting Muslin Brotherhood leaders who supported the former president. Morsi and 35 other Muslim Brotherhood leaders have been forbidden to leave the country. The former president was offered the chance to go into exile in Yemen, Qatar or Turkey, but he refused. Morsi, who was previously under house arrest at Cairo’s presidential Republican Guard headquarters, is now being held at an unspecified location.

Yesterday, Egyptian police shut down television studios sympathetic to the Muslim Brotherhood, including The People, al-Hafez and Misr 25. Al Jazeera released a taped statement from Morsi on Wednesday, in which he said, “The world is looking at us today. We by ourselves can bypass the obstacles. We, the sons of Egypt, the sons of this country – this is the will of the people and cannot be canceled.” After the statement aired, the producers, presenter and guests of Al Jazeera’s Cairo studios were arrested in a military raid.

On Thursday, July 4, police arrested former Muslim Brotherhood chairman, Mahdi Aakef, along with his bodyguards, and Muslim Brotherhood supreme leader Mohamed Badei. Police have issued arrest warrants for Khairat el-Shater, Badei’s deputy, and 300 other members of the Muslim Brotherhood, including other leaders. Claims that Morsi and other leaders “incited to commit violent crimes and kill peaceful protesters” are being investigated. Badei is to be charged with “incitement to murder.”

Egyptian chief justice Adly Mansour was sworn in as interim president on Thursday. Mansour was placed at the head of the nation’s supreme constitutional court by Morsi himself last month, a position he was to assume on June 30. Mansour swore before the Egyptian constitutional court to “uphold the Republican system and respect the constitution and law…and safeguard the people and protect the nation.”

Mansour will serve as interim president until new elections can be held; when that may be has not yet been made clear. He has been vested with the power to issue constitutional declarations, according to Egyptian military leader General El-Sisi.

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